A Week Without Facebook, and Other Scary Stories

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Yes, I did it!  I gave up Facebook for an entire week, LOL!  Why?  Well, it all started out with a conversation I was having with my best friend.  It seems like Facebook has been a hot topic among us lately.  “Did you see _ on Facebook?  I am really tired of hearing about _ on Facebook.  Okay, seriously, if I see one more post about _, I am going to scream!”  That is kind of how the chat goes.  So, on a Sunday afternoon we were having some wine and the normal FB discussion.  This time I said, ya know, I wonder how much happier I would be without looking at FB?  Maybe if I didn’t open it once for a full week?  I wonder if it would make any difference? That is what I did.  This is what I discovered at the end of the week…

  1.  I had significantly less anxiety over the course of the week.  Why?  I am not really sure, but I think it may have to do with not seeing a million Crossfit challenges and smoothie cleanses?  Or, maybe it was not seeing a ton of before and after photos captioned with pant sizes?  Or, maybe it was not seeing all of the superhuman/supermom posts throughout the week with nothing but rainbows and butterflies (when I am running around trying to slap some food on the table while perusing through dirty laundry looking for gray gym shorts for athletics and sitting on hold with the toll authority to “discuss” the incorrect toll violation they just sent me.) 🙂
  2. This next discovery is somewhat of a spin off of #1 (I think?).  It seemed that I felt less pressure on myself, and I put less pressure on my kids.  Unfortunately, this tells me that despite every effort to be a person that doesn’t conform or try and “keep up with the Joneses”, I must be that person. 🙁  So, this is a good thing.  Now, I realize that I have gotten a little out of control with my competitive and perfectionistic nature, and I need to bring it back down to good.  I read something that I needed to be reminded of…”Beware of trying to impress others by acting as if your big steps were small ones”. (quoted from Jesus Calling daily devotional)
  3. I wasted a lot less time.  Yep.  It is true.  I apparently waste a lot of valuable time on FB.  Imagine that!  I was really productive last week, seriously! Laundry, work, cleaning…
  4. I had a gut feeling that FB (and most other social media sites that I follow) provide many triggers for me.  I definitely confirmed that theory.  This is no one’s fault, and just part of the real world.  I was half joking on #1 when I mentioned the before and after photos with pant sizes in the captions.  Let’s be honest, there is really nothing wrong with anyone posting their success photos.  Many people use FB as a marketing tool for their business, and I totally get that.  I am sure that for a lot of folks, those pictures are inspiring!  However, they are the opposite for me.  Very triggering.  My FB feed seems to be inundated with motivational words to inspire weight loss and working out and losing multiple pant sizes.  Recovery has taught me that there are just some things I have to keep at an arms length.  I know this.  Why have I allowed my feed to become full of these things?  Just like with anyone in recovery, it will always be a ongoing battle.  I am really glad that this experiment made me re-evaluate some unhealthy behaviors on my part.
  5. Perception is not reality.

What am I going to do with my new found discovery?  Well, I am not going to abandon FB…that would be crazy!  😉 I am going to exert some self-control, however, and put it in check.  Instead of checking it 10,000 times per day, I am taking a few scheduled breaks to catch up.  I love having all of the friends that I have, and I really do not want to unfriend anyone.  My plan is to hide the triggering posts and see if I can get around it that way.

Yes, the title of this post is “A Week Without Facebook and Other Scary Stories”.  My other scary stories are really not that scary.  They go something like this…#whyis5thgrademathsohardformom #whokeepschangingmathrules #doesanyonememorizemultiplicationtablesanymore #pleasegobacktoteachingoldschoolmathforthesanityofmom  🙂

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