Please God, Let School Start Soon!

This was our entertainment while waiting for Pat at Sportsclips
This was our entertainment while waiting for Pat at Sport Clips

So, it is only Wednesday, and it feels like Friday.  The first day of school can not get here fast enough!!  Apparently several other parents had the same plan to knock out haircuts on Monday.  While sitting for over an hour at Sport Clips, I found this screen shot on Pinterest.  I am not sure why it cracked me up as much as it did…maybe it was delirium?  Actually, I think it reminded me of something my oldest would do.  In fact, I immediately sent it to her.  Hopefully, you read the very top of the shot which explains what is going on in the text, lol.  We made it through the wait, and Pat was finally called back for his cut.  I had been preparing myself mentally for what I was about to have to say.  We walked back, and I told the girl, “This might sound a little odd, but he doesn’t want his normal cut.  He is wanting to keep it long on top, and he wants it to be more like Miley Cyrus.”  She looked at me a little strange, and then said, “Hmmmm, okay, let me see if I can find a picture.”  I immediately pulled out my phone and showed her the pictures I had already found of the haircut.  After some discussion about cowlicks, it was party time.  I sat back down and waited.  About 20 minutes later, the lady next to me asked if I cared if she took her son over to look at Pat’s hair.  What?  No, I didn’t care…but, why?  You mean someone else wants Miley Cyrus hair??  I walked over with them, and Pat was just about finished.  I have to say, it really looked good!  Not at all what I was expecting.  The stylist showed him how to use the gel to style it, and we were done.  Last year was a battle to get him to get up before school and “fix” his hair.  So, before I agreed to take him in for this new cut, we agreed that he would need to get up every morning and style it himself.  So far, he has kept up his end of the deal.  Yes, I know we are only 2 days into it.  🙂

Pat's Sweet Miley Cyrus Haircut
Pat’s Sweet Miley Cyrus Haircut

Checked that off the list, then we headed to the mall for some back to school clothes shopping.  Let me clarify, I really do not like the mall.  It is useful for some things, but when it comes to kids and the mall, I REALLY don’t want any part of that.  The last trip I made was with Mia, and I swear we were in Charlotte Russe for at least 2 hours.  When we finally left, I had techno music stuck in my head and felt like I needed about 3 glasses of wine to clear my mind of all the teen talk.  🙁  So, why were we going there??  Well, here is the reason…Pat HAD to go to Zumiez because he HAD to get some skateboarding T-shirts, and Mia HAD to go to Charlotte Russe because she HAD to get some high-waisted jeans.  I gave them each their allotted amount and sent them on their various ways to shop, and I took the youngest with me to try on clothes at a few stores.  We survived, it was fairly painless.  I was definitely ready to get home at the end of the day.

It is so funny how ready I usually am in May for the kids to be out for the summer break.  I think it must be like childbirth, some type of amnesia sets in over the course of the school year.  Somehow I forget how crazy we all make each other in the summer.  I have a picture in my mind of all of us swimming and going to the movies and spending time outdoors.  Then, about 3 weeks into summer vacation, reality hits.  Everyone is fighting and grumpy.  There is no food in the house, even though I just went to the store the day before, lol. It is too hot to swim, there is “nothing” to do.  I can’t get any work done, at all.  The house is a total wreck.  All the clothes are dirty (or at least on the floor).  Then I start counting down the days until back to school.  And, here we are…almost there!!!  YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! 😉


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11 Things to be Grateful for in Recovery

photo credit: be thankful via photopin (license)


When I started on the path to recovery, I did not have a very thankful attitude.  In fact, I wanted to throw myself a pity party everyday and sit at the head of the table.  What was there to be grateful for?  As I look back over the course of the last year and a half, I can clearly see so many things I have to be thankful for.  I am not really sure when it all clicked.  Somewhere along the way,  I crossed over a bridge from the side of sickness to the side of recovering/recovery.  That is when I could finally see how far I had come.  Here are the 11 things that I discovered I am truly grateful for in recovery:

1.  I am not completely depleted and wiped out everyday, I actually have “normal people” energy.

2.  I have gained SO much more time each day.  Time that was wasted on my sickness before, I now have to use for greatness!

3.  Instead of pushing my daughters closer to the illness as they get older, I am a positive role model.  We have an open line of communication about eating disorders and body image, and they know my past and current struggles.

4.  Margaritas!!!!!! 😉

5.  There are so many other people that are just like me, the struggle is REAL.  I had a hard time believing this, even when I was in treatment with other girls “claiming” to have the same issues.  I still felt different from them.  Recovery has taught me differently.  Our stories are all different, but our underlying struggles are so much the same.

6.  I CAN function without a scale and without knowing the number that it reads everyday (or twice a day).

7.  People are extremely understanding.  I was so terrified to let the words come out of my mouth the first time I told anyone about my eating disorder.  I really thought folks would be thoroughly disgusted and appalled.  I am so thankful that I have learned the exact opposite is true.  If only I had known that years ago…

8.  I had no clue how many resources and outlets were out there…I find more and more everyday.  Blogs, Websites, Instagram and Tumblr accounts…I am inspired and motivated by so many others that share everyday.

9.  I am seriously grateful for the extra money that I have now!  Yep, the money that I wasted everyday on food and other things to satisfy my eating disorder.

10.  More time with my friends and family.  Instead of sending calls to voicemail, or avoiding social situations to spend quality time with my eating disorder, I actually pursue opportunities to “just talk” or “hang out”.  Yes, even when I am having a difficult body image day, I am more likely to push through it and show up.  So many lost moments over the years…but, I am finding new ones! 🙂

11.  There is no such thing as perfect.



photo credit: Gratitude changes the way we look at the world via photopin (license)

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One bite at a time…

photo credit: Confucius It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop via photopin (license)

So, this is a picture of me running as I prepare for my group race in October!  I am completely serious!  I do love this picture, and this reminder, because I really do not like running very much.  I love to walk, and I walk really fast.  I have been reminding myself lately that when I first started speed walking, I was not in the best shape.  I had to build up my stamina and work towards bigger goals.  Really, this applies to pretty much everything.  I have come to the realization that this concept is probably one of my biggest challenges.  I tend to think that I need to plow through everything, and if I don’t or can’t…well, then, it must be an impossibility.  What a messed up way of thinking??  In reality, most of the stress in my life is probably self prescribed! In regards to running, and getting ready for the race, I have an awesome app that reminds me each day what I need to do.  It even reminds me that we are taking “baby steps”.  I woke up this morning, and it popped up first thing that by the end of the day, I need to run 1.35 miles.  So, in my mind, it is clear cut.  I know what the goal is today, and I am not freaking out about what I have to do in October.  I decided that this is what I have to do with all my long-term goals.  I love lists.  In fact, I have about 5 notebooks sitting here right at this very moment full of lists!  They can be a bit overwhelming.  I will not be getting rid of my notebooks, they definitely have a purpose.  Instead, I am going to use my planner the way it is supposed to be used, LOL.  How perfect that we are at the very beginning of August?!  My monthly goals are written at the start of the month, and I make my baby step plan each week.  I actually used to do this, and am not quite sure why I ever stopped?  The final, most important (I think) piece to my plan is reflection.  At the END of each week, before I make my plan for the upcoming week, I look back at what I have accomplished.  Everyone’s planner is different.  Mine actually has blank pages for notes.  I like to write down my accomplishments, and make notes about what changes I can implement for improvement.  In the back I keep a running list of Rockstar moments I have had throughout the year.
I am super excited to get back into my routine of taking one bite at a time.  I can’t think of a better time to start than today 😉

This video is unbelievably inspiring, it proves no excuse is good enough…

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